Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Speeding up snail mail

From the Miami Herald:

U.S., Cuba will discuss return of direct mail


Washington and Havana are going to take a crack at speeding up snail mail by negotiating direct correspondence, underscoring the stepped-up dialogue between the two nations, U.S. officials say.

Direct mail to Cuba ended in 1963, at the height of the Cold War.

Now diplomats have agreed to meet in Havana to discuss renewing direct mail, ending the rerouting through Canada or Mexico.

It's an issue that has stymied presidents from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, as the Cuban government stalled previous measures. The decision comes on the heels of migration talks this summer in New York, and experts say it is not only a big step for divided families but is a politically critical move.

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Anonymous said...

Same copy and paste stories from your blog "El Mizzoubanazo" Try not to be too gullible. You can flip open the dictionary or thesaurus when you need it. Just have fun and enjoy the intellectual side that you don't have aiming to please anyone but yourself at this level. The importance of verbal and writing skills in this information age cannot be stressed enough. Is obvious your mind is not equipped to think.

Anonymous said...

Nicolás Antonio Jiménez


Aka El Mizzoubanazo

Nicolás "El Periodista" Jiménez said...

Thanks for your comments, coconutjuicez. Your input/feedback is always welcome and appreciated. I'll try to follow your lead on the "verbal and writing skills" from here on out.

Anonymous said...

As an avid reader of intellectual literature, I am annoyed by irresponsible underachievers that take the institution of journalism for granted. Let me elaborate there is a lot of paranoia in the blogosphere world in other words, some individuals like Mr. Nicolás Antonio Jiménez who impersonates a Blogger and Journalist. That is pretty funny, because he is a pretender, which is not that surprising. One should never enter the world of blogging with a feeble mind and a poor vision of journalism skills. What bloggers do is not rocket science, but most of those who style themselves “BLOGGERS” on the Web are opinionated people with the mere ability to type. Still, they at least have the excuse of being ignorant, whereas an experienced blogger does not. But the bigger problem with “FAKE BLOGGERS” is the fact that they are entirely wrong and pollute their interent with their inaccurate blogging, full of misinformation that demonstrates their general lack of understanding the basic fundaments of writing that is endemic to many bloggers and journalists. I would like to point out the distinction between news and nonsense. When you hold yourselves as a journalist and then proceed to behave as blogger, you cannot blame readers for getting annoy with your poor written blog. Now, the pendulum has swung. A sheer example of this is ann off the wall website that goes by the name of “El Mizzoubanazo.” With this, the line between journalism and blogging gets further blurred. Next time try to write intelligently about blogging. It is a dangerous pressure to pass along quick gossip rather than solid analysis, as was displayed in the “El Mizzoubanazo.” But fortunately, I would like to thank Nick for closing his poor excuse of a “blog” and cleansing the Internet of his pathetic, poorly written, trash.

Question: When you earned the title of a "journalist" by going to school and learning from your superiors, did you really want to become a blogger?

Do you think that your readers should treat you with respect, if they know you are looking for material that would never be newsworthy in hard copy?

Anonymous said...

Verbal and writing skills are essential in today's world. Clearly you failed getting your point across.I am sure you have outbound telemarketing experience to fall back on.