Thursday, September 3, 2009

Raíces featured in The Economist

We've been featured in yet another major news outlet: The Economist. One more sign that Roots of Hope is coming to be seen as a leader and an authority on issues facing Cuban youth.

From The Economist:

The Juanes row in Miami

If music be the food of love...

Sep 3rd 2009 | MIAMI
From The Economist print edition

Arguments for, and against, a Colombian rock star playing in Havana

HE IS young, dark and handsome, with a lilting light tenor, and he swept the Latin Grammys last year. But should Juan Esteban Aristizábal, better known as Juanes, perform his songs at a “peace concert” in Havana? The debate over the Colombian rock star, who is based in Miami, has now been raging for a month or more on the city’s Spanish-language radio and TV shows.

“For many of our generation, it’s just not an issue,” says Felice Gorordo. Mr Gorordo, who is 26, is the co-founder of Roots of Hope, a 3,000-strong Miami-based youth movement that seeks to bring Cubans on both sides of the Florida Strait closer together. “A lot of our members say, ‘Let him go and we’ll judge when he comes back. It’s worth a shot’.”

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Anonymous said...

The only ones creating a ruckus about the concert are the Cuban exiles in Miami who are spewing baseless presumptions. This Peace Without Borders concert will create a bridge of unanimity among all Cubans and to relinquish all hostility that for many decades has been traumatizing our people. The south Florida Cuban exiles has done everything it can to drive any significant rapprochement into the abyss of contradistinctions. It is bad enough that they are Cubans too.

Anonymous said...

coconutjuices, I can't stand people like you who put ALL Cubans down. Don't you see it's ALL of our Cuba and we could ALL say what we feel about this concert. Also you fail to realize that ALL the Cuban exiles have family in Cuba. As for me, I think it's a political move by the Murderous Castro regime. You actually feel that they are going to change their ways because of this concert? As for the young people in Cuba, more power to them, let them enjoy the concert, it doesn't bother me. As for the Economist article, they failed to mention the Cuban exiles who are Under 65 and older than 35 years of age. Raices is doing a great job and I respect them very much, they are doing a great job with the youth and all the old timers love their work, their beef is the concert, that's all. What I would really like to see is PORNO for Ricardo play live on stage and in front of the mural of the Che, that would be a real statement!!! Another thing, I don't get is the "Concert for Peace" idea and who is creating the "War" here? Is there a war going here?

Anonymous said...

Jose Reyes (aka Cubanology), First and Foremost you are disrespectful and insulting, this is not about you Jose Reyes or your demonizing ideologies. I do not have any personal axe to grind. My personal views and opinions are not like those traditional Miami Cubans spewing assumptions about this concert. I just do not like it when ignorant people spread disinformation. It is a disservice to anyone who has family in Cuba and clearly your comment describe how ignorant you are. At any rate you do not have the faintest clue; your grasp of this issue is weak like your blog. You are just full of prejudices you literally can not think straight.