Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reflections on Cuba and our young generation

The following are responses to questions asked as part of the application for the 2009 UM Cuba Conference. The text is posted here with permission from the author.

The author and conference alum, Camilo López, is currently a student at the University of Florida.

Question 1:
Why is Cuba important to you? *

Para mí, Cuba es mi casa, mi ciudad, país, y paraíso. Como todo cubano, siento un gran respeto y admiración por mi país, el lugar en donde me crié y crecí para ser lo que soy hoy. El lugar en donde dí mis primeros pasos y aprendé a hablar el castellano. Ahí es donde aprendí sobre arte música y sobre todo el baile. Donde yacen los restos de mis ancestros y donde aún vive mi familia.

Having left Cuba four years ago it has been difficult to forget my country. I often find myself longing for that island while playing my guitar or listening to los Orishas. While I'm with my friends playing dominoes, racquetball or windsurfing, I recall these hobbies that I learned and grew to love in my country. Cuba holds a special place in my life and it is a major ingredient in my frijoles negros con puerco.

Question 2:
How do you think the conference's theme of "Generation in Action" can be applied to Cuba? Try to be as concrete and specific as possible. *

Esta conferencia puede ayudar a muchos cubanos que viven en el exilio a matener un lazo con su país natal, lo cual les sirve para involucrarse en el tema cubano. A la misma vez estrecha las relaciones entre las nuevas generaciones que viven por todos los Estados Unidos. Pero no solo es de valor significativo para los que estamos exiliados, sino para aquellos que aun viven en una libertad ficticia. Así, todos podemos contribuir a la causa cubana y al país como tal.

"Generation in Action" simply means that it is the time for our generation to take action in driving forth the notion of a free Cuba where people will have the opportunity to pursue their goals in life. We the young thinkers of our countries take a stand in helping those that are in need and provide means for information. Therefore, our generation is the one that needs to rise up and fight for those who cannot and contribute to aid our country, Cuba.

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