Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full Court Peace raises just under $4K for Belfast kids... shooting free throws

Full Court Peace, an organization that brings together young Irish Catholics and protestants in heavily divided Belfast, had an incredible idea for an innovative fund raising campaign not too long ago.

FCP co-founder and friend of Raíces de Esperanza Mike Evans would shoot 100 free throws, and donors would pledge to give the amoung of their choosing for every shot he made.

How many did he make? Well... let's just say I skipped though most of this video beause watching the ball go through was starting to get boring.

In all, Mike and FCP raised just under $4,000 with this campaign. Which made me think two things:
  1. Mike and everyone at FCP who made this such a success deserve some congratulations.
  2. Raíces' own Felice Gorordo needs to get to work on his shot after his CNN Live interview on Friday.

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