Friday, August 7, 2009

Cuba's new home-grown tourists

From NPR:

Cuba's Resorts Welcome A New Clientele: Cubans

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Key quote no. 1:

"You know, this is how it works in the rest of the world. Either you can afford something or you can't," said Felix Beatoy, an actor at one of the resort hotels. "It didn't make sense that a Cuban wasn't allowed to stay in a hotel even if they had the money. We've fixed that — just like Cubans not being able to have cell phones. Now, if the offer's there but you can't afford it, that's a different problem."
Key quote no. 2:

Miami resident Karel Alemany left the island a decade ago, and while his family members seemed to be enjoying themselves by the pool, his thoughts were elsewhere, with the real Cuba beyond the beach.

"What about the other 11 million people that live here? What if they don't have someone else that comes to Cuba to take them to some place? How do they live, how do they eat? That's something that you got to think about," Alemany said.

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