Monday, August 3, 2009

Raíces de Esperanza on CNN Live

CNN Live Anchor Nicole Lapin has a column called "Young People Who Rock". It features individuals under the age of 30 who are doing remarkable things.

CNN's Nicole Lapin

The lastest person featured is a fellow "Root", our friend, colleague, and one of our founders, Felice Gorordo. Her interview with Felice will air online on Friday, Aug. 7 at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Click here for Lapin's blog post and a link you can use to watch the interview on Friday. You can also use the comments section of Lapin's blog to suggest questions for Felice.


Anonymous said...

My experience as an Latino male (Cuban) graduating with a master's in Mechanical Engineering filled me with a sense of excitement about our young talented Latinos who are striving to achieve the ultimate goal in life, learning and shaping many of their views. I praised all those Latinos and Latinas in college and universities for bringing to reality their dreams. I have learned about the importance of putting students first, expecting the most of them, giving them the support they need to succeed, and emphasizing leadership and service. I know that students grow from being challenged intellectually and from receiving support, both academic and personal. That philosophy governs my approach as a engineer. Your show focus on established individuals should focus more in the struggles of the young intellectual Latinos who are struggling to achieve their goals.

Nick "El Periodista" said...


Your comment is appreciated. I would just point out one thing and then follow up with an opinion of my own.

Thing I'd like to point out: The show is not ours. Young People Who Rock is an interview series on CNN Live, and we are being featured. I just don't want to have you commenting on our blog with your suggestions for the programming of another site... if you have an opinion to make about it, it will go further over there.

The opinion I'd like to throw in there... just as food for thought: I think the fact that Young People Who Rock is not specific to any ethnicity only makes this interview with our very own Felice all the more exciting. It goes to show that what Raíces has been doing for young people in Cuba is so powerful and meaningful that it's reached the point where we are getting recognition outside of niche or Hispanic media.
So while your comment is appreciate, I PERSONALLY think that this sort of recognition is even better than what you're talking about.
But that's just my opinion.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

El Mizzoubanazo (aka "El Periodista"), you call yourself a journalist? Some people are born to be immersed in the articulate world of reporting, while others are mere spectators. First and foremost "NICK," I comprehend remarkably well due to my extensive reading of intellective articles that is excluding your poorly writing blog. But then again, I can not blame you for few are born with the intellectual ability to evaluate a simple comment correctly. Your PERSONAL opinion was far fetched and irrelevant, a journalist should know that but then again a degree from Missouri does not indicate any expertise in the field of journalism. I do not have that time to explain my comment. You sure outdo yourself by providing a shallow opinion and a sheer chuckle of laughter for your readers.Try not to salivate over your poorly written comment, for a journalist it is not impressing. Some people just cannot take a joke. Maybe I should have translated into spanish..Don't whine Nick..