Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yoani Sánchez on Cuban government "restructuring"

From The Huffington Post:
Cuba's Top Leadership Changes? Just Fidgeting on Mount Olympus
Yoani Sánchez

Posted March 3, 2009 | 06:55 PM (EST)

Yesterday, with my lunch half eaten, a friend called to ask if I had seen the 1:00 pm news. No, I never chew while watching this type of program, it's fatal to the digestion. Mixing red beans with the announcement of the changes in the Council of State and Ministers, would have resulted in a mortar of incalculable consequences. Even so, it bothered me to have missed the news and to find out--in bits and pieces--the changes that happened up there.

Key quote: "Calling the new chancellor Bruno instead of Felipe has little influence on the degree of hopelessness."

Click here for the whole piece.

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