Monday, March 2, 2009

Raíces "Action through Auction" event draws diverse crowd, big names

Raíces de Esperanza and the University of Miami's CAUSA: Students United for a Free Cuba hosted a fundraiser at Cuba Ocho gallery on Saturday, March 29. The event served as a launch for the upcoming GenerAcción conference and brought in money that will help cover the costs of putting it on.

The Bacardi-sponsored "Action through Auction" brought Raíces more than $3,000. Among the donated items sold in the silent auction were six "CAMBIO" paintings by artist Carlos Navarro.

Among those in attendance were musician Arturo Sandoval, restaurateur Felipe Valls, and City of Miami District 3 Commissioner Joe Sánchez.

The fundraiser was a great success and an indication that the GenerAcción: Generation in Action conference in April will be a great event.

UM CAUSA members greeted attendees at Cuba Ocho gallery.

Members of Raíces de Esperanza's management team take a moment out from a busy night for a photo.

Generation ñ reporter Melissa Hernández gets an interview with Latin jazz legend Arturo Sandoval, who made an appearance to show his support of Raíces de Esperanza.

Cuban music great Arturo Sandoval, Cuba Ocho gallery owner Roberto Ramos, and Miami restaurateur Felipe Valls (Versailles, La Carreta, etc.) joined Raíces' student and young professional networks to celebrate and contribute to the Roots mission.

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Romy "Cubanasa" Portuondo Remior said...

This was a fantastic event! Just a preview of what is to come at this years Cuba Conference.