Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pérez Roque and Lage's resignation letters

From The New York Times' blog, The Lede:
(with links to Granma's site for Lage and Pérez Roque's letters)

As for the cabinet shake-up, Reuters reported on Thursday:

Two former senior Cuban government ministers — Felipe Pérez Roque and Carlos Lage — resigned from their other jobs in the government and the ruling Communist Party, bowing out of political life with letters saying they had committed errors.

The letters of resignation, addressed to “Compañero Raúl Castro Ruz,” were published in the state newspaper Granma; both are available in English translation on Granma’s Web site. The two letters of self-criticism closely echo each other in tone and language.

According to, Mr. Lage’s letter states:

I acknowledge the errors I have committed and I assume full responsibility for them. I believe that the analysis carried out in the recent meeting of the Political Bureau was both just and profound.

Mr. Pérez Roque’s letter says:

I fully acknowledge that I have committed errors, which were extensively analyzed during the aforementioned meeting. I assume full responsibility for those errors.

As Reuters notes, both men “had been seen as emerging leaders,” and both were dismissed from their most important posts on Monday by Raúl Castro, as he brought eight new ministers into the government.
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