Saturday, March 14, 2009

Report: Russia may base bombers in Cuba

History repeating itself right before our eyes:

Russia has once again showed it has renewed interest in establishing political, economic, and military ties with Cuba, as it did a half-century ago.

To me, this goes to show that we (the U.S.) have no time to waste. If we are to reach out to the island, to help Cubans who are suffering so greatly, we have to act now; or else we risk losing this opportunity to help.

I'm not saying that Russia helping Cuba is bad. On the contrary, Cuba needs all the help it can get. What is bad is Russia helping Cuba while the U.S. just sits idly by. This will foment support for Russia (again, not a bad thing in and of itself) and at the same time foment disdain for the U.S. and damage every Cuban's hopes for a free Cuba.

After all, if Russia can muster up the wherewithal to support an island half-way around the world while the U.S. continues to ignore this island merely 90 miles away, what do you think would happen? What sentiments do you think Cubans would have towards the US?

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