Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Run for Roots? Part 7

Run for Roots is a new initiative that embodies the Roots of Hope mission by seeking to draw attention and collect funds in support of Cuban youth. The participants who will be running the Miami Half Marathon in January 2012 are motivated to do so by the desire to be agents of change and help empower youth on the island through innovative programs such Roots of Hope as Cells 4 Cuba and our Family Reunification Program. To learn more about Run for Roots, visit our website. To donate, visit our Crowdrise page.

Why do I run?

By Anthony Lopez

Why do I run? Roots' mission to aide youth in Cuba something I truly believe in. Participating in this half marathon gives me the opportunity to be able to help this great organization - Roots of Hope - fundraize.

How have I been getting through my runs? It takes a lot of mental determination and concentration. Running is a great way to regularly exercise, and since I need to commit to running with a group about once a week, I can't get out of it. I have no idea how I've made it past 3 miles... but I did! I look forward to the challenge of completing 13.1 miles during the half marathon!

-A-Lo (used to take the 6 train like J-Lo)

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