Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What can Raíces do with $5,000?

By Tony Jimenez, Raíces de Esperanza/Roots of Hope Co-Chairman

What can Raíces do with $5,000? Let me not get ahead of myself. First, you might consider voting HERE before you finish reading this post, but if it takes you some more nudging then please read on…

I was recently selected for the Modern Hispanic Gentlemen contest by Ketel One and Miami Magazine. Ketel One selected 4 individuals in Miami that are involved with charitable organizations and Raíces de Esperanza was selected as one of them. My role is to humbly represent Raíces. I am honored to be selected among such a prestigious group of men who I can also call friends: Diego Ojeda representing 12 Smiles, Andres Asion representing Amigos for Kids, and Jordi Vilasuso with Liga Contra el Cancer. My fellow colleagues are leading incredible organizations that do extraordinary work in our community and beyond. However, as much as I admire them and the work they’re doing, I don’t want to leave any doubt that I want Raíces to win, and put that money to work for Cuban youth.

Are you convinced? If so, VOTE HERE! Not yet? Keep reading...

So what can Raíces do for $5,000 (the prize for acquiring the most amount of votes)? With $5,000 we can purchase 250 cell phones to send to kids on the island and increase connectivity and access to information among Cuban youth. With $5000 we can send 1,000 USB flash drives to facilitate the flow and transfer of information among Cuban youth that is vital to fostering the exchange of ideas and educating themselves with tools and resources they would otherwise not be able to access. With $5,000 Raíces, will be able to extend stipends to almost 15 individuals, lowering the financial burden of flight costs for those that are trying to reconnect with their families after years of separation or visiting the Island for the first time. The bottom line is: with $5,000 Raíces will be able to advance its mission of empowering Cuban youth to be the authors of their own future.

With $0 and only a few clicks YOU can plant seeds of hope and help change the lives of 11 million Cubans struggling to find their own voice.

On behalf of Cuba’s youth and all of us at Raíces de Esperanza, we thank you for your support!


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