Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Run for Roots? Part 6

Run for Roots is a new initiative that embodies the Roots of Hope mission by seeking to draw attention and collect funds in support of Cuban youth. The participants who will be running the Miami Half Marathon in January 2012 are motivated to do so by the desire to be agents of change and help empower youth on the island through innovative programs such Roots of Hope as Cells 4 Cuba and our Family Reunification Program. To learn more about Run for Roots, visit our website. To donate, visit our Crowdrise page.

Why I'm running

By Ana Pelaez

It’s very easy when you’re training over several weeks to lose sight of the cause you’ve committed your time and effort to. When we started in October for the Miami half, January seemed far enough away. With the holidays wrecking our schedule, it’s been a challenge to keep logging in the miles and sending out the fundraising emails. Focusing on the whats and the have tos it gets harder to remember the whys. A couple of nights ago, I sent out a last minute appeal on Facebook not expecting much to happen – it was late and I assumed everyone was off-book for the night. Not 20 minutes had passed when I got an email from Crowdrise telling me that a donation had come through for me. That was usual enough but when I saw that my donor had written on my page – “For freedom. For my father”-I was surprised. I’d expect his message to be funny or smart not emotional but it was a great reminder of why I was doing this. I love the sense of freedom that I feel when I’m running – 10, 11, 12, 13.1 miles. I love setting out and feeling that opportunities are limitless. I love that when I decide to take on a cause that’s important to me I can get on my phone, get on my computer and shout it from the virtual rooftops. I want nothing more and nothing less for everyone-in whatever shape or form their marathon comes. So that’s why I’m running – for freedom, for all of us.

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