Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why EGYPT matters in CUBA

There are many questions left to be answered in Egypt except one: What made this call for democracy possible?


During the uprising, the Egyptian government tried to shut down the internet 5 different times. Repressive governments do all they can to control every means of communication available to the people because information is power. As the recent leaked Cuban Security video attests, they have no way of controlling all the ways in which we connect in the 21st century. And why should they? Connectivity is a HUMAN RIGHT.

YOU can be directly responsible for bringing a Cuban citizen into the 21st Century. By donating your old cell phones to our CELL PHONES FOR CUBA campaign, you will be connecting one alienated Cuban at a time to the possibilities of self determination.

Please donate your old cell phone to us. For information on how to do it go to http://www.cells4cuba.org/

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Elena said...

So proud of the Egyptians! May this inspire Cubans to do the same!