Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Café con timba: New freebie from Bustelo

From PR Newswire:

Rowland Coffee Roaster's Gourmet Espresso Brand, Cafe Bustelo, and Sony Masterworks Brew New Deal Serving Cuban Music Group Tiempo Libre On a Million Cans of Coffee

NEW YORK, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time in its 80 year history, Rowland Coffee Roaster's Cafe Bustelo brand, is changing its can design to feature the Miami-based, two-time Grammy-nominated Cuban music group Tiempo Libre on a million cans of coffee while offering a free down-load from the band's new CD, Bach in Havana, their first recording to be released by Sony Masterworks on May 5th. The cans will be in stores across the country starting in late April-May.
Click here for the whole release.

Click here for Java Cabana, home of Bustelo, Pilón, and more.

Click here for the Java Cabana page where you can hear sample Tiempo Libre's CD and download one track for free.

Click here for Tiempo Libre's official site.
The new Café Bustelo can. A million of these will come with a free download of Tiempo Libre's new album.

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