Saturday, April 18, 2009

90 Millas on YouTube

YouTube recently added sections that have full-length movies and TV shows... and it's legal.

Some people say this is YouTube selling out to corporate interests. I say that if there's a place on the Internet where I can watch ALF episodes any time I want, I might need a life and better taste in television, but at least I no longer have to pay for the DVD box set.

Anyway, why is this relevant to Cuba?

Because, being the Cuba nut that I am, I ran a YouTube Movies search for "Cuba" and found that you can now watch the movie "90 Millas" on YouTube for free... start to finish... all in out video, not broken up in to a million parts.

I'll be honest: I have not seen this movie. I have heard good things, and that's why I was excited to see it was there. Copies of these sorts of films are harder to come by when Maracas doesn't have a Columbia, Missouri location... yet.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing the movie, you can do so here.

And it's embedded below for your convenience in case you'd rather watch it on this page (which I don't recommend. Go full screen for this as it's almost two hours long). Here's hoping more movies about Cuba end up on this site so they can spread virally.

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