Sunday, January 3, 2010

"A Type of Cuban Craigslist"

From The New York Times, we get word of Revolico, a classified ads site inspired by Craigslist and tailored for Cuba:

[...]There are no classified advertisements in the Communist Party newspaper Granma or the other state-run publications that circulate in Cuba. Rather, sales are made through Radio Bemba, which is not a radio station at all but the country’s extensive gossip network, which takes its name from the Spanish word for lip.

Two Cubans in their 20s who left the island for Spain have created a way to make all this secretive selling easier. It is a type of Cuban Craigslist, which allows the small but growing number of Cubans with access to computers and the Internet to buy and sell with less sneaking around.

But the authorities, despite loosening restrictions recently on the sale of computers, have repeatedly blocked access to their Web site, Revolico, whose name means commotion. One of the programmers who created the site ( said in an e-mail message that he and the co-founder were in a constant scramble to get their site past government censors.

You can access the full story here and Revolico here.