Sunday, January 31, 2010

Announcing the 2010 Raices Conference @ Cornell, April 8-11, 2010

The boom of information technology is becoming more evident every day, both in Cuba and beyond its coasts; it has become a window to undiscovered countries and societies. Nevertheless, it is a luxury we have come to take for granted, forgetting the good fortune of having so much of the world only a click away. Be it through underground musical expression or through the most recent blog, technology has revolutionized the world and its people, rallying us all in one common web.

With this conference we hope to further our understanding of how technology can be used as a bridge to overcome distance and strengthen the bonds between us and our friends and family on the island. By understanding the increasing role technology is playing in the lives of everyday Cubans, who are striving for better lives for themselves, we can help find ways to support their efforts and further inspire them to become authors of their own destinies.  Join us as we explore ways to help our counterparts in Cuba take full advantage of their growing place in this interactive world.

To see the entire weekend agenda click here. 
If you are interested in joining us for the 7th Annual Raices Cuba Conference @ Cornell please fill out an application here. Deadline is March 1st

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This is a great focus for this year's conference.

Buena Suerte!

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