Friday, February 27, 2009

FLAMUR leads currency protests

From Uncommon Sense:

Cuban activists arrested after restaurant sit-ins

One of the major fronts in the opposition to the Castro dictatorship is an ongoing campaign to have the Cuban peso, a practically worthless currency used to pay most workers,have the same value as the convervetible currency (CUC), which has a more exclusive circulation but is all that is accepted at the better stores and restaurants. Lead by the Federation of Latin American Rural Women (FLAMUR), the "With The Same Currency" campaign is a grassroots effort to break the economic apartheid of the Cuban people.


As a result of these actions, three activists were detained by State Security police in Havana: Alejandro Jose Botello Valdes, Georgina Noa Montes, and Manual Jose Linares Bermudez. In Matanzas, four individuals were detained, they are: Daraisi Garcia Mendez, Armando Delgado Valdez, Yaima Gomez Tara, Roberto Lazo Gonzalez. As of this time, there whereabout are unknown. In Santiago de Cuba and Pinar del Rio, the sit-ins were successful as the management of the establishments accepted pay in Cuban pesos.

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