Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cubans have their doubts about Fidel

From The Miami Herald:

Fidel Castro's reemergence stirs little emotion among Cubans

As Cuba-watchers from South Florida to Washington speculate about the state of Fidel Castro's health, those on the island worry more about the future, not the past.

On Friday, many children spent the day marching the streets in preparation for a celebration honoring the birth of Cuban patriot José Martí. Their parents did what they always do: tried to scratch out a living.

New photos of Fidel Castro released Friday along with gloomy remarks from him hinting that he will not be around forever did little to change any of that -- especially because most did not see the images, which were kept out of the Cuban news media.

Many Cubans said they had assumed he was already dead and were relieved to see him among the living -- if only because they fear changes that could take place under the leadership of his less trusted brother Raúl.

(Key quote: "Anyone can write letters,'' said Yamila, a hair stylist. "I think today's note might have been written by his brother. People here have wondered for a while how much of those columns comes from him and how much is from people around him.'')

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