Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Launching Seeds of Change!

We are announcing the launch of the new theme on the Roots of Hope blog: Seeds of Change!

Over the past few months Roots from all over the country have blogged about their 2011 wishes for Cuban Youth. Some have spoken of self-governance, others of political and social change, as well as freedom of expression. The wishes have been as diverse as the Raíces family, but one yearning seems ubiquitous: that Cubans will be able to realize whatever dreams and aspirations they have as individuals and communities.

Not too long ago, Roots of Hope as a whole had a wish for Cuban youth – connectivity – and we responded by launching Cells 4 Cuba, a project aimed at increasing exchange within Cuba. Now we ask you to be the Seeds of Change. How do you think young Cubans can achieve their dreams? What can we do on our end to empower them? Whether by translating blogs from the island, working to launch microloan programs, finding a pen pal, donating cell phones, or studying abroad – how do you think that we can help the wishes – or seeds – of youth in Cuba become catalysts of change and self-determination?

Over the next months, you will see posts roll out that touch upon these and other topics, but I encourage you to question yourself and to submit an entry with your own answers and suggestions. If you are interested in writing a post, let us know by emailing comms@raicesdeesperanza.org!

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