Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change Has Come to Hollywood....Change in Cuba Can't Be Far Behind

It is no secret that the Cuban regime has found support over the years from many celebrities, but the tides are turning in Hollywood as in the rest of the world. With Cuban citizens reaching out to the world more and more, through blogs and twitter, through cell phones and cameras, no longer can the human rights abuses be ignored.

Here are a few messages of hope and support for the Cuban people from some names you just might recognize....

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Mickey said...

It does seem that change has come today. And it’s the Hollywood celebs, and it’s the young and old “cubanos de a pie”, Cuban-Americans of all walks of life alike, folks from other latitudes too, all coming together in this new beginning. Change has come to Hollywood indeed, and elsewhere. It is our time. Those of us, all of us who dream of a free Cuba, with all and for the good of all, change… Raíces has been at the “root” of this new wave washing over differences, bridging exiles, creating awareness, moving the evolution.