Sunday, November 22, 2009

"These figures can look at you but cannot speak..."

From NPR:

Cuba Was A Canvas For Artist Belkis Ayon

Ten years ago, one of Cuba's leading young artists took her own life, with no warning to family or friends. Her name was Belkis Ayon, and a major exhibit of her work is now under way in Havana. The event has revived an enduring mystery in Cuba — about art, African myths and the shadowy, all-male secret society known as Abakua.
Belkis Ayon

The Abakua world Ayon depicted is of sharply contrasting black and white tones. Many of her characters appear with intense, even fearful expressions in their eyes. They lack mouths, which art historian Cristina Figueroa says is a commentary on the oral tradition's secrecy.
Click here for the whole story and a slide show featuring some of Ayon's work.

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